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Final Design: Creature Concept Art Course
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Term 02: (July. 20th – Nov. 20th 2020) Subject to Change.
Educational Art Classes on Creature Design and Anatomy, coming soon… You’ll be notified if you’ve been selected as a student and when courses will start.
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Student Testimonial - “I really enjoyed being in this workshop. I’ve learned an incredible amount from Mike and I’m very proud of the improvements I’ve made in these 6 weeks. With Mike’s guidance, I feel I was able to bring my creature concepts to their full potential. His feedback videos were always lengthy (in a great way); full of invaluable information, advice, resources and draw-overs/paint-overs. Mike has been an awesome teacher and I’d recommend this workshop to anyone who’s interested in learning about creature design. Looking back at the difference between my week 2 creature sketches and my week 6 creature beauty shot sketch is pretty striking.” – Alexis Estrada


Creature Design Course