Concept Art & Illustration – Color & Finished Work

Bleeding Sun – IFX Magazine Workshop Illustration

Babrutan – Creature Concept Finals and sketch exploration

Coronati Psychopomps

Aranea Lepus (Spider Rabbit)

Demons and Deities (Tribal Race)

Ilium Backed Masthead + Ara Varanus Dragon

Skyblast – personal Illustration

Mars Attacks Occupation Card art for Topps Company

Ratchiosus and PineTail creature concept illustrations

Streamline Gravity Glider - Workshop produced for ImagineFX Magazine

Bluffetter and Warble Creature concept Illustrations

Creature Concepts + Extraction Plains Environment

Reptorippus - Ungulate based creature design and Proberent Wivle - based on small ratites

Fungi Demons and Deities – creature & character exploration

Shadow Walker – Creature Design versions 01 and 02 for a graphic novel and young adult novel “Freaks of Nature” by Wendy Brotherlin

Concept Alien Designs + Metamorphic transformation from biped to quadruped

Character Designs for “Shadow Walker & Freaks of Nature” YA Novel by Wendy Brotherlin

Character Helmet/Mask Design for a Graphic Novel and Young Adult Novel “Freaks of Nature” by Wendy Brotherlin

(Legend of the Cryptids) Regular “Quiescent Greenman” – card art ©Applibot

Morning Sun Nap – personal illustration

Wizard City - Conceptual Illustration produced for Kingsisle Entertainment Inc. for Wizard 101

Keeper of the Fields - personal sci-fi Illustration

Desrukter - Ancient Demon - conceptual illustration

Original character design by Danny Luvisi – Illustration by Mike Corriero