Concept Art & Illustration – Color & Finished Work

Bleeding Sun – IFX Magazine Workshop Illustration

Psychopomps Artery Owl

Keeper of the Fields

Water Break – Creature Concept

Babrutan – Creature Concept Finals and sketch exploration

Raijuka – Japanese inspired creature

Artery Owl – Visual Development

Delbrock – Creature Design

Demons and Deities (Tribal Race)

Skyblast – personal Illustration

Ilium Backed Mast-Head – Creature Design

Ratchiosus and PineTail creature concept illustrations

Streamline Gravity Glider

Bluffetter and Warble Creature concept Illustrations

Creature Designs (Curiatis and Crab Rock)

Extraction Plains

Midnight Flight Illustration

Reptorippus and Proberent Wivle

Fungi Character-Creature Concept Exploration

Dragon-fruit Eel Creature

Alien Beings – Creature Development

Character Designs for Shadow Walker

Character Development for Shadow Walker

Shadow Walker concept v06

Shadow Walker concept v08

Demons and Deities Tribe 02

Blood-Stone Pyschopomps – Creature Exploration

Turnapods – creature development

Mars Attacks Occupation Card art for Topps Company

Morning Sun Nap

Wizard 101 – wizard city promotional illustration for Kingsile Entertainment

Desrukter Ancient Demon

Devil Down no Come Round

Original character design by Danny Luvisi – Illustration by Mike Corriero