Mike Corriero

Conceptual Artist and Illustrator for the Entertainment Industries.

Mike Corriero lives and works out of Colonia, NJ (USA)
With 16+ years of experience as a freelance Concept artist and Illustrator for the Entertainment Industries, he has worked for companies such as FATace Production Limited HK, Liquid Development, Radical Entertainment, Applibot Inc., Paizo Publishing, Zynga Inc., The Topps Company and Hasbro Inc., among others.
He excels in Creature Design, which he also taught as an online instructor for the Academy of Art University along with several workshops published in ImagineFX Magazine, 2DArtist, 3DTotal and Advanced Photoshop Magazine in addition to other Magazines around the world.
Mike went on to earn a BA in Illustration from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY in May of 2003 and has been freelancing in the game industry ever since. He paints characters, Illustrations, environments and pre-production content but his main love is and always has been rooted in Creature Design.
He is considered by many of his peers to be among the top creature concept artist in his field with a great understanding of animal anatomy.
Mike grew up with a love for the outdoors, animals, how things functioned, comics, games and movies. Most of his childhood and teen years were spent dreaming up entire worlds and ecosystems of lavish and freaky species and characters. His love for animals came from a rather large list of an assortment of pets. These would include Hamsters, Goldfish, Dogs, a Cat, a Ferret, Bunnies, Birds, a Bold Jumping Spider, Dark Fishing Spider and most recently a Crested Gecko named Gizmo.

News Update 08/19/2019 I have a brand new Sketchbook which can be purchased as a Hard Copy through Lulu here: Art Book 02 or you can check out the PDF copy and other digital downloads in my Art Store

08/18/2019 All new sketches have been added to the sketch album and additional illustrations and new creature work have been added to the Finished/Illustration and concept art album.

02/17/2016 New paintings and creature concepts have been added to the Color & Finished Work section and a few new images have been added to the Conceptual Sketches section as well.

09/19/2015 A few new images have been added to both the Concept Art & Illustration section and Sketches albums.

07/27/2013 New Concepts have been added to the concept art & illustrations section. Sculptris creature models and paint-over beauty shots. There are also a few new sketches in the sketch section.

07/05/2013 I've added various new full color paintings and multiple new creature designs in the Concept art and Illustration section. The Sketches section has also been updated with a handful of new pen, pencil and digital sketches.

*** RESUME ***
Concept artist and Illustrator
16+ Years of Freelance Experience
Contact: MikeCorriero@gmail.com

Client List:
2017-2016 Wendy Brotherlin (Freaks of Nature 2) (YA Novel chapter title Illustrations)
2016 FATface Production Limited HK» "Warriors of Future" Film (Art Direction over 2 creatures)
2016 ImagineFX Magazine (Q&A Workshop)
2015 The Topps Company» – MARS ATTACKS: Occupation (Card Illustration)
2014 Wendy Brotherlin (Freaks of Nature) (YA Novel chapter title Illustrations)
2014 Team Chaos» (Loot Raiders – Game App Icons)
2014 ImagineFX Workshop» (Creature Design Tips)
2013 Silverhold Studios» (Concept Creature Sketches)
2013 Wendy Brotherlin» – (Conceptual Illustrations for Young Adult Novel)
2013-2012 Team Chaos» – Elements: Broken Lands (CCG Card Art)
2012 The Topps Company» – MARS ATTACKS: Invasion (Style Guide Sketches)
2012 Applibot Inc.» – CCG Illustrations (Legend of the Cryptids)
2012 Online Instructor Academy of Art University» (1 semester: Creature Design)
2012-2011 Liquid Development» – Concept Art (NDA Project) Creatures/Armor
2011 Advanced Photoshop Magazine» – Workshop
2011 Wendy Brotherlin» – Concept Art/Pitch Art (Graphic Novel/YAN)
2010 Zynga» – Illustration (Warstorm Card Game)
2010 Hasbro, Inc.» ‐ Concept Artist
2010 Paizo Publishing» ‐ Illustration
2009, 2005 Kingsisle Entertainment Inc» ‐ Illustration
2009-2008 Challenge Games» (Warstorm) Illustration/Art Direction
2009-2007 Advanced Photoshop» ‐ Workshops
2009-2007 ImagineFX Magazine» ‐ Workshops
2007-2005 Liquid Development» ‐ Concept Artist
2006 Radical Entertainment» ‐ (Prototype) Concept Artist
2005 Kingsisle Entertainment Inc» ‐ Illustration
2005‐2004 Allied Studios» ‐ Concept Artist
2005 Braid (Game)» ‐ Conceptual Illustrations for Jonathan Blow
2005 Breakaway Games» ‐ Card Game Illustrations
2005 Biodelic Games» ‐ Concept Artist‐ scene illustrations
2005 Congruent Z Productions» ‐ Scene Illustrations
2005 Iron Realms Entertainment» ‐ Concept Artist
2005 Allegiance Films» ‐ Concept Artist‐ feature film pitch
2005 Tactics Arena Online» ‐ Illustration
2004 DFO Solutions» ‐ Concept artist
2004 Fantasy Flight Games» ‐ Card Game Illustration

IMAGINEFX Magazine (UK )
Ballistic Publishing: Painter, EXPOSE 04', 05’, 06’
2D Artist Magazine (UK)
Fantasy Workshop: Mastering Digital Painting Techniques
3DTotal eBook Release: Creature Concept Design
3DTotal eBook Release: Speed Painting Volume 2
3DTotal: Digital Painting Techniques Masters Collection Vol. 01
Corel Painter X's welcome book
The Official Corel Painter Magazine
Design 360 Magazine (China)
Animation Reporter ( India)
Ikarie Magazine ( Czech Republic)
Fantasy Art Now books 1 + 2
Advanced Photoshop Magazine (UK)
It's Art Now magazine
Art Squared 2
Corel ADAPT 2007 and 2008 exhibits

Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS5 – Painter 9.0, X, Sculptris Alpha

Bachelors Degree in Illustration – Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NYC – May 2003

Adam Levine: Head of Outbound Licensing at The Topps Company – hired for 'Freelance Concept Art'
"I hired Mike to design and illustrate a number of creatures for an upcoming project for Topps' MARS ATTACKS franchise. We wanted newly-designed,
signature insect 'monsters' that would be unique and recognizable, and Mike delivered that and more. His expert knowledge of animals, insects and nature
were a great asset to the process and while he proved to be an excellent collaborator who took great notes, he was able to nail a winning design with very
little need for changes or feedback. I highly recommend Mike for anyone looking for creature design."

Wendy Brotherlin: Author and Head Honcho at Wendy Brotherlin Productions – hired for 'Conceptual Creature, Character and Tech Designs'
"Mike Corriero is a delight to work with. He understands the creative process and works exceedingly well with his employers to get the artwork to perfection.
Mike is a consummate professional who meets his deadlines and provides superior (some would say "mind-blowing") art for his clients. I would highly recommend
Mike Corriero to anyone looking for a talented, inventive, personable, top-notch concept artist."

Chuck Wadey: Art Director – hired for 'Freelance Card Game Art for Zynga'
"Mike's portfolio speaks for itself. The great illustration you see is exactly what you get.

What's harder to know until you work with him, is that Mike is also one of the most prompt and professional concept artist / illustrators out there.
An asset list in his hands is as good as done. When I was juggling too many projects Mike was my most trusted external resource and he gave me
a lot of breathing room. Thanks Mike!"

Julie Bassett: Editor at Imagine Publishing – hired for 'Freelance Art for Advanced Photoshop Magazine'
"Mike has worked on a number of commissions for Advanced Photoshop magazine over the last few years and has always produced work punctually,
to a high standard and with great communication at every stage."

Thanks & Credits
Thanks to Louis Corriero for IT Tech consulting IT Vortex LLCthat has been a huge help running a smooth and efficient business. – Mike Corriero